Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 1: Sentry Visor Prototype

Well, I have no idea what happened to my previous cosblog. I documented my Yukari progress before Sakuracon and now it's just... gone. Ah well. New things!

PROJECT VANGUARD COMMENCES. As I begin to undertake the biggest/dumbest cosplay project of my life, I start with... um. Simpler things. Sort of. There's really nothing simple about any of this. Even the Sentry Visor I'm working on will have plenty of complex parts. Still, I'm actually trying to take my time, document the process, and make sure I'm happy with the end result. There's no deadline for this project; it's simply a costume I've always wanted to make and I'll see to it that I accomplish this goal. No matter how long it takes.

This also means you're going to get a slew of awkward and boring videos from me. And pictures. Like these:

Here's the first sketch. Eyeballed this based off a couple of reference images. Hadn't fit it to my face or anything. Once I did, I was able to mark this up and draft a second one based on the changes I needed. This sat a little too low on my face, preventing the visor portion from covering my eyes.
Here's the second pattern I came up with after making the changes to the first. Next, I'll make the second half of the visor and create a filler piece to help me get a better idea for the space I'll need for the visor. 
 The patterns themselves are fairly rough and uneven, which I'm totally okay with since the cardboard isn't going to be nearly as smooth as I want to be when I cut it anyway. The proportions and fit are priority right now, as the detail won't come across until I've begun layering the paperclay.

Now, I'm calling this a practice video since you really won't see anything too interesting aside from the toys in my room and on my desk. Here I am, sketching the pattern. Cutting, cutting... drawing. There's some sick music in it. WATCH IF YOU DARE.

Brought to you by a webcam taped to a Pringles can on top of a tissue box.